Mync 1.90

Manage and oranize audio, video, image, and other media files
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Many of us have a huge amount of media files scattered all over our hard drive or portable devices. Mync helps you sort your media files into different categories, as well as obtain information about them, such as length, bitrate, format, and so on. It also lets you create clips from storyboards. An interesting function is that you can upload your videos to many popular video-sharing sites such as YouTuve and Vimeo directly from the program. This makes this process easier and saves you some time.

Although the interface is rather clear at first sight, an important drawback I found is that it is not very intuitive. I had trouble in finding how to perform many of its functions. Some of them are hidden in popup menus. Others are found only after you activate a particular function.

Another problem is the fact that you need to follow a complicated process to obtain the shareware version. First, you need to create an account using a valid email and password. Then, a link to download the program will be sent to you, as well as a provisional activation number, which will be valid only during a limited period of time.

You can use the shareware version during 30 days. If you find the program useful and want to use it longer, then you will need to purchase a license. Please note that there are two different versions of the program (Basic and Standard), each with different functions.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Can catalog media according to different criteria
  • Can obtain metadata from files


  • Registration process is not very easy
  • Its interface is not very intuitive
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